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We provide over a century of allergy immunotherapy experience and expertise. From our broad portfolio of testing extracts, which allow you to test for a wide range of allergies

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We are here to facilitate allergy immunotherapy (AIT) treatment in your office. We offer a broad portfolio of AIT extracts, as well as prescription services through Persinus Allergy Pharmacy, that provide custom patient formulations mixed by our pharmacy staff

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Using our expert pharmacy staff and quality extracts, Persinus Allergy Pharmacy specializes in preparing all types of allergy immunotherapy formulations, from the simple to the complex.



Symptomatic medications can help many allergy sufferers with
short-term relief of allergy symptoms.

Allergen avoidance is an essential step in managing allergies.

Symptomatic drugs, are effective and may reduce the severity of your allergy symptoms, though these medications have no long-lasting effect when stopped. 1,2

Allergy immunotherapy (AIT) is considered to be the only potentially causal therapy for allergic diseases and consists of administering gradually increasing doses of the triggering allergen(s) until the immune system, over time, builds tolerance to that allergen. Allergy immunotherapy can improve allergy symptoms, reduce the use of symptomatic medications and may provide long-lasting persistent effects on your allergy symptoms. Once the triggering allergens are correctly identified, avoiding or minimising your exposure to these, may help reduce your symptoms, whenever this is possible.

It is important to be properly diagnosed in order to receive adequate medical care. If left untreated, allergic rhinitis symptoms themselves can worsen, leading to a spiral of worsening co-existing conditions.

The diagnosis of respiratory allergies is based on clinical history, physical examination, allergy tests and specific questions.
Identifying the causal allergen can be an important step in taking control of your allergy, allowing you to reduce exposure to those substances that trigger your symptoms. One of the diagnostic methods to identify the triggering allergen may be skin prick tests. Skin prick test results should be interpreted by your doctor based on clinical symptoms, medical history, and, where necessary, other test results in order to assess possible allergy to a specific allergen.

Allergy Immunotherapy Primer

An introduction to allergy immunotherapy (AIT). This brochure covers efficacy, safety, and tips for discussing subcutaneous and sublingual AIT with patients.

Patient Immunotherapy Primer

Give patients the opportunity to learn more about allergy immunotherapy, and what to expect when being treated with immunotherapy.

Skintestor OMNITM Brochure

A deep dive on the benefits and features of our multiple-site testing device. Review Skintestor OMNITM Brochure!

Allergy Products and Services

Stallergenes Greer Allergy Products and Services Catalog. Covers the specifics of all the allergy products and services offered by Stallergenes Greer.

Portfolio Brochure

Learn about the Stallergenes Greer products and services that can help you administer AIT in your office.


An allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system to substances which are usually harmless.

Allergies are caused by an inappropriate response of the immune system to a foreign substance known as an “allergen” (pollen, house dust mites, foods, etc.). Allergies can affect the skin, eyes, digestive system and certain parts of the airways, such as the nose or bronchial tubes. An allergy consists of acute visible symptoms combined with an underlying inflammation.

Researchers think that people inherit a tendency to develop allergies from one or both parents. Once the allergic trait has been inherited, specific allergies develop with time and exposure. Changes in the environment and lifestyles, the development of hygiene practices and the reduction of bacterial and viral infections, urbanisation, pollution and changes in dietary habits are all factors which seem to have contributed to the rapid increase in allergies.

Its occurrence is said to have doubled during the past 20 years. It is estimated that 20 to 30% of the developed world’s population suffers from allergies.

Each allergic individual reacts on average to 2 or 3 different allergens. Today, there are more than one hundred identified allergens grouped into main families: pneumallergens or respiratory allergens (house dust mites, pollen and plant-derived allergens, dander – cat hair, dog hair, etc. – mould and yeast), hymenoptera venom, food allergens, chemical or medicinal allergens and contact allergens. Allergies are a chronic and progressive condition which may worsen over time. If patients leave allergies untreated or inadequately treated, symptoms may get worse, or it may increase the risk of developing asthma or allergies to new substances causing the symptoms.

Allergy immunotherapy treats the underlying cause of allergy to give quick and long-lasting improvement.

Allergy immunotherapy (AIT) is an allergy treatment that treats the underlying cause of allergy, and may provide both quick – within a few weeks – and long-lasting improvement of all symptoms.

Allergy Immunotherapy is an allergy treatment with a long-lasting effect on all symptoms . After an accurate diagnosis of the type of respiratory allergy and responsible allergen(s), patients receive a targeted treatment, available in sublingual form (tablets or drop) or in a subcutaneous form (injections).

Allergy Immunotherapy results in immunologic tolerance, which is denned as a relative decrease in antigen-specific responsiveness.

Allergen immunotherapy is defined as the repeated administration of specific allergens to patients for the purpose of providing protection against the allergic symptoms and inflammatory reactions associated with natural exposure to these allergens.

Although the exact mechanism or mechanisms responsible for its clinical efficacy are continually being elucidated, the immune system builds this resistance by changing the types and proportions of antibodies (immunoglobulins) and proteins (interleukins) it produces when it is exposed to the allergen. This ‘rebalanced’ immune response ultimately reduces the symptoms when patients are exposed to the allergen in their environment – even after treatment stops. Adequately rebalancing your immune system with AIT usually requires 3 to 5 years (or seasons, in the case of pollen allergies) of treatment.

AIT is an allergy treatment that treats the underlying cause of allergy, and may provide both quick (within a few weeks) and long-lasting improvement of all symptoms. This is in contrast to the usual symptomatic medications that are prescribed, such as antihistamines and corticosteroids, which only temporarily relieve some of the allergy symptoms.

Putting patients first with end-to-end service solutions

Our commitment to help people with allergies live a normal life goes beyond treatment.

In addition to our existing online AIT resources for allergy specialists, we have designed a range of integrated and customized service solutions that ensure a continuum of care for patients and support physicians in their daily practice.

In collaboration with patient associations and physicians, we have developed comprehensive international support programs which aim to promote collaborative care, facilitate clinical practice and to improve the patient journey from education to diagnosis to treatment.

I-START is a program that has been created to improve access to allergy information and medical care, with the ultimate aim of improving the daily lives of patients with respiratory allergies.

  • I-START is INNOVATIVE: A NEW global program that aims to engage healthcare professionals, specialists and non-specialists, as well as allergy sufferers, in improving the management of respiratory allergies.
  • I-START is COLLABORATIVE: I-START promotes a collaborative care approach by connecting and empowering all healthcare professionals (allergy specialists and non-specialists) involved in caring for allergic patients, so that patients receive the best support possible, whatever the severity of their condition or the treatment regimen.
  • I-START is COMPREHENSIVE: A dedicated resource for both healthcare professionals and allergy sufferers. I-START provides relevant and up-to-date educational information, resources and tools to ensure that respiratory allergy sufferers receive optimal care and support.


Our commitment to AIT

Approximately 50% of allergic rhintis patients go undiagnosed and nearly 30% of patients on symptomatic treatment are not fully controlled. Patients are at the heart of progress in AIT – as they have been for the past 150 years.

The current standard of care for respiratory allergies is insufficient for disease control and the burden of disease is significant. Allergy immunotherapy uniquely alters the natural course of respiratory allergies. Allergy imunotherapy is the only therapeutic class capable of modifying the disease progression and potentially preventing the onset of the disease by inducing tolerance in the immune system.

As part of our commitment to help patients live life beyond allergy, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions for children and adults. For some patients and their doctors, the ease and convenience of tablets is the preferred option. Others go for highly personalised ‘named-patient’ preparations that can be administered either through drops beneath the tongue or subcutaneously. Our current portfolio comprises four core product categories:

Sublingual Products

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Subcutaneous Products

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Veterinary Products

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Other Products

Diagnostics Tools and Source Materials

Spanning source materials, routes of administration, cutting-edge delivery mechanisms and finished products, ours is an innovative portfolio of therapeutic solutions designed to improve ease of access and treatment outcomes.
Whatever the options, all of our AIT treatments meet the most stringent clinical criteria as well as health authorities’ regulatory requirements.

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Mission & Strategy

We are developing new, ever-more effective treatments for the world’s growing number of allergy sufferers.

Our goal is to develop innovative allergy treatments and increase access and delivery for patients around the world. We aspire to change the treatment paradigm of allergy therapies by delivering curative medicines and innovative tools for patients.

Our business is to help alleviate the symptoms enable the body to deal with the root causes of allergic reactions.  This involves breakthroughs such as allergy immunotherapy (AIT).

  • CURRENT BUSINESS: In our current business, we will win in our exiting base while recognizing the importance of patient focus in all that we do. This involves achieving profitability in all markets as well as protecting and growing our legacy products.
  • BUSINESS EXPANSION: We will go beyond our traditional base to shape and expand our markets worldwide. These effort will build on current skills and acquiring new expertise as circumstances demand.
  • Innovation: To address the needs of every allergic patient, we will bring the next generation of allergy products and technologies to market. Particular emphasis will be on the benefits and growing potential of sublingual AIT tablets.
  • Operational Excellence: We aim to drive a lean and compliant operating model. This will ensure the high quality of our products while drawing on improved production processes and procedures.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis


Up to 30% of adults in the world suffer from allergic rhinitis


Up to 40% of children in the world suffer from allergic rhinitis

Allergy Suffering

More and more people are suffering from allergies. More Americans than ever say they suffer from allergies-it’s among the country’s most common, but overlooked deseases.

Allergies represent the fifth-leading chronic disease in the United States in people of all ages (third most common in children under 18 years old)

We can help you offer a portfolio of allergy testing and treatment options for your patients.

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